• Our philosophy is to sell our products online at the same price as in the winery, so don’t apply any fixed fee depending on shipping gastso. The price of transportation is variable according to the amount i destiny, by applying the rates more economical available.
  • As discount, the shipping costs are free of charge for the customer for orders higher to 200€ (VAT inc.).


  • From Rosell Gallart you will be notified by email of updates of the status of your order anytime, and once out of our facilities, will facilitate the tracking number of your shipment so you can control at all times where your order is.


  • The term of delivery tends to be between 5 or 6 days. In the event that for any reason not we could comply with these deadlines, it would notify him immediately, and where it is not compliant with the new deadline, is le re-embolsará the payment in full immediately.


  • By please, check the order in the time of the delivery for ensure is of that your order has arrived in good conditions. In the case of observing any break, leave constancy to the dealer and get in touch with us through our form of contact or by mail electronic to [email protected]