He user of ROSELL GALLART can pay its asked by selecting any of the following forms of payment in the paragraph of information of payment to the perform its asked


He user must transfer the amount total of the order, to it has current indicated to the select the form of payment. Once completed the order, it is possible to check all the details and the total of the same. A time made it transfer to the cited has Bank, is necessary to send us the proof of income or transfer by MAIL to to [email protected]. Once we receive this receipt, will be immediate order to our services of logistics for the shipping of your order.


Is possible the payment with card of credit secured, VISA or MASTERCARD (the user will need a key of security provided by the entity issuing of the card of credit corresponding.) (Is as a key virtual that identifies to the legitimate owner of the card and it protects of transactions not authorized).

More information about the keys to Visa cards

More information about the keys to cards Master Card

By the 4B payment gateway, the user can bethe payment of your orders in a completely safe manner. If is chosen this way of payment; to the make the asked, is enter directly to the gateway of payment and is introduced them data of the card, along with them data of the buyer and them of it buy made that will travel encrypted from our website. Nobody, except the user, know or displayed data. It is the own payment gateway 4B, along with the user’s credit card issuer, which checks the data provided and authorizes the payment and the closing of the order in real time. The data are not stored, known or used in any way by our website, and the only valid own CA card, which connects the gateway in real time, and authorizing or not each transaction. The use of this form of payment is secure and is protected by an additional insurance of the own payment gateway.


PayPal is a medium that used the companies and individuals to send and receive money online. Buy securely without revealing your credit card number or financial information. For more information about PayPal, please visit:http://www.paypal.com/es/

If you is user of PayPal so only should mark this option in form of payment and automatically the system you will redirect to the web of paypal to make the payment.